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We believe in choice! Offering quality choices for your child's Christian education is our way of supporting your family and building Christian community.
Home schooling

Choosing a home education program provides parents with the freedom to design learning goals and activities that are best for their child.


Drawing on their own experience as home educators, our teachers enjoy supporting each family's unique needs and creating opportunities for fellowship with other home educators in Alberta's communities.

Home Education

Home Education

Little Lights

Choosing Little Lights offers families with children younger than 6 years of age an opportunity to experience a home-based learning experience with the Koinonia@Home community and build a relationship with a support teacher.

Home schooling
Little Lights
Home schooling

Distance Learning

Students engage in a flexible approach to learning in a home-based environment with the dedicated, consistent support of a certified teacher.

Using online and/or print-based resources, students complete the Alberta curriculum through a Biblical worldview perspective and a variety of interactive learning experiences with peers and teachers.


Each student's program is designed in consultation   with our experienced staff.

Distance Learning

Shared Responsibility

Shared Responsibility programs, combining distance learning with home education, are also available.  This option offers a flexible blend of parent-directed and teacher-directed programming.

Family at Home
Shared Responsibility

Enrollment Starts With a Conversation



Call to set up an appointment with our principal.



Discuss your child's strengths and needs and Koinonia's Statement of Faith.



Prayerfully consider your choice.

What People Say


I am grateful for my years as a Koinonia@Home student! Through Home Education, I was able to explore apologetics and further my skills as a musician on several instruments. The K@Home teachers in my online courses challenged me to live out my faith through my written responses and discussions in our virtual classes. As an SRP student, I also attended some of courses at the Red Deer campus where I was part of the His Light vocal ensemble twice a week in the afternoon. As a young adult, it is a blessing to know God's truth.


We are so impressed and encouraged by the teachers who have taken the time to really show they care by praying for us over the phone and also their empathetic, yet empowering, way of helping our teens!


Koinonia helped prepare me academically and spiritually for entering post-secondary programs. The conversations I had with teachers about my Christian worldview related to everything I was learning in my subjects created a strong foundation for discerning truth. Most of all, my Koinonia experience continues through volunteer opportunities and alumni connections several years after my graduation. I treasure the relationships I have formed through Koinonia@Home.

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