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Koinonia Christian School Red Deer

Koinonia Christian School Red Deer (KCS-RD) is a preschool to grade 12 campus committed to a biblical standard of spiritual and academic excellence. Our school is fully accredited by Alberta Education and employs Alberta certified teachers. We offer biblical instruction and Christian service opportunities.​​

Students Co-working

Spiritual Life

Our campus school, Koinonia Christian School Red Deer, is committed to programs focused on the Christ-like development of each child.  Spiritual formation occurs through daily Bible classes focused on scripture, Biblically integrated content in all courses, and ongoing mentorship from Christian teachers dedicated to the Christian principles of the Koinonia Statement of Faith.


Academic achievement is a keystone at Koinonia Christian School Red Deer.  We provide a comprehensive academic program accredited by Alberta Education for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Students participate in the Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams. Programs are designed to develop each child's spirit, body, mind and soul and prepare them for service in Christ's kingdom through their unique gifts and talents.


Arts & Athletics


Koinonia Christian School Red Deer places a high value on physical fitness and Christ-like sportsmanship. In addition to the regular physical education classes, our school offers competitive team sports, swimming lessons, and extra-curricular opportunities for sport and recreation in community with other Koinonia Christian school students and families.

Our school has a long history of excellence in fine arts, including music and drama productions, choir, vocal ensembles and band programs. In addition, older students often participate in leadership through worship at chapels and other school events. Often Koinonia students can be seen performing in the community as part of our commitment to serving Christ's kingdom.

Enrollment Starts With a Conversation



Call to set up an appointment with our principal.



Discuss your child's strengths and needs and Koinonia's Statement of Faith.



Prayerfully consider your choice.

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